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Whether you're buying a home, selling a house or renovating a piece of property, Mazzotta Insurance has the policy designed to fit your exact situation.  There are many requirements from mortgage companies and other lending institutions for insurance coverage in order to protect their collateral interests and we know just what those requirements are! 

We realize that a property purchase is a major decision!   The amount of paperwork is incredible!  We are here to help!  Our highly trained capable staff can answer ALL of your insurance questions and even the questions that you wouldn't think to ask.  Our extensive knowledge often alleviates the worries and uncertainties that new property owners may feel throughout the home buying experience.  Call today at 401-572-3303 and find out for yourself just how easy this process can be when you have experience on your side!

Let us provide your real estate agent and attorney with the binders or certificates they need to close your deal!  We will gather all the pertinent information on your behalf and make sure everything they need is waiting for you at the closing table.  With over 100 years of combined experience, we want nothing more than to make this experience a great one for you!  Let us help you!  Call us today at 401-572-3303!